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DXIS - Support Center - Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequent and common questions about our products. We hope you find your answers here but in case you would not, don't hesitate to mail us, we will gladly help you.

General :

How can DXIS® improve my dental imaging experience ?
Which dental panoramics can be equipped with DXIS® ?
Can I use DXIS® on my old Dental Panoramic or do I need a new one ?
What are the components of the DXIS® system ?
Where can I see some sample images ?

Installation :

How long will it take to upgrade my dental panoramic ?
What are the modifications made to my panoramic when installing DXIS® ?
How far can be located the DXIS® computer from the panoramic ?
How will the operation of my panoramic be affected by DXIS® ?

Performance :

What is the acquisition time for a digital X-ray image ?
What is the size of a DXIS® digital image ?
What is the resolution of a DXIS® digital image ?

Software :

What are the minimum & recommended requirements for the software ?
Where are the digital X-ray images stored ?
How do I view the DXIS® X-ray images ?
Can DXIS® software be integrated with third party software ?
Can I continue using DXIS® if the network is down ?
Can I use the same computer for DXIS® acquisition and as network server ?
Can I use the same computer for DXIS® and intraoral imaging solutions ?
Does DXIS® software have printing capabilities ?

Pricing :

How much does the DXIS® system cost ?
How much does the DXIS® software cost ?