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Real time image diplay

GxPan Panelipse OP5 OP10 Avantex Rotograph
DXIS® makes your Panorex digital
for half the price of a new machine!
DXIS® is compatible with Windows 7, 32 bit (NOT 64 bit !). The new computer to be used for acquisition of DXIS images should have a PCI classic SLOT for the PCI interface card.

- DXIS® (Direct X-ray Imaging System) is not available for sale anymore.
- We maintained this Web Site "as it was" only for History of DXIS reasons (The first of this kind in the World, and a very good and reliable system) and also for Technical Support of the worldwide existing users (in French and English).
- Some statements on this Web site could be out-of-date, and have to be ignored.

DXIS® is a technological breakthrough from Signet S.A.S. and makes the
Digital Panoramic Radiology
a reality in any dental office.

Safe Investment

If, anytime after your initial DXIS® installation, you find it necessary to replace your panoramic, DXIS® can be transferred for only $1000 plus installation.

DXIS® is an outstanding partner for your practice

CCDDXIS® is by far the most affordable, reliable and powerful digital panoramic solution available on the market : our products provide you crystal-clear digital imaging thanks to high quality CCD sensors & design.

All the advantages of a digital dental radiography

Eliminate spending on film, processors, processor maintenance, chemicals and benefit from the numerous advantages of a complete digital radiographic system.

Expand and use your existing OPG

Signet has developed the Direct X-rays Imaging System (DXIS®) for a lot of different models of film-based X-rays panoramic machines, and is the only manufacturer on earth that offers this variety of retrofit systems.

Reduce X-rays Dosage & patient stress up to 70%

smileDXIS® digital sensor system dramatically reduces radiation and captures x-rays multiple times better than any other film based panoramic machine. Therefore, the digital radiography process involves less radiation and is much quicker.

Unmatchable quality & design

DXIS sensorAll our upgrade kits have been individually tested and tuned for maximum performance. The manufacturing process integrates many quality controls which guarantees you get the most out of your DXIS®.

Happy DXIS® Customers
US customer density - August 2005
DXIS® Assets

Film Free
Realtime Display
Enhanced Diagnosis

Easy to use
Easy to install
Easy integration

High resolution
High sensitivity
High reliability

Free multi-license

Extended Warranty
World's Premier
Tradition of excellence

High investment return

Dentists Testimonials

The Dental X-rays images produced by the DXIS® panoramic system from Signet S.A.S. were unusually clear and sharp, compared to other digital imaging products I've seen, and I find them comparable to actual panoramic X-rays films.

Robert Jurasek, D.D.S.

...and was impressed by their sharpness and clarity. I was also pleased by the performance of the zoom feature, without any loss of detail.

Steven Kamps, D.D.S.

...I believe the DXIS® system to be a safer and better tool for the dental practice.

Cristina Ionescu, D.D.S.

DXIS® version 9 is a Feather in the cap for Signet.... Real time Digital Panoramic X-rays are the next big wave in dentistry. I recommend you get your board from Signet!

Scott Myles, D.D.S.

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